The current rate for editing is 0.05 /word (a supplement is applied for weekend work, see below).  A 6,000 word article will cost around €300. A 10,000 word article will cost around €500. Many authors are surprised by these rates. We know this is not the lowest rate you can find (although neither is it the most expensive) and this is intentional. Our services are not aimed at the bottom end of the market. If you are paying less it is unlikely you have hired a high-quality science editor.

We recognise that for many researchers (and their institutions) editing may seem expensive. Think of it, however, as an investment. A well-edited article is more likely to progress smoothly through the submission process. Reviewers will not be distracted by spelling mistakes, poor grammar and awkward constructions. Instead they will focus on the scientific content of your paper. As publication in high-profile journals can lead to jobs, recognition, and promotion, good copy editing can enhance your professional reputation. And, unlike the €400 you might spend on a suit for an interview, an article published in an international peer-reviewed  journal really will last you a lifetime.

The word count

The number of words in your document is crucial as it determines both how much the work will cost, and how long it will take.  To calculate the cost, first, count the number of words. Most modern word processors will automatically count them for you. Do not count the words in the references, but do count all other words including those in tables, figures and graphs (you may have to estimate this; the average word processor is not able to count words embedded in images). Multiply this figure by 0.05 to arrive at the likely total cost (in ).

Our estimate of the word count is final. As word processors vary in what they consider a word to be (particularly hyphenated words), our word count is unlikely to be exactly the same as yours. However, it will almost certainly be very close (if it’s not then we will need to look into where the discrepancy is).

When we calculate your word count we do not count any references, or words used simply for mark-up (this particularly applies to texts prepared in LaTeX). We do, however, count all other words, including words in tables, words in figures, and words in graphs. If these cannot be counted automatically we will make a best estimate.

Reference are checked for free

The only completely correct references are usually prepared using bibliographic software.

Assuming you are using some version of APA style we will cross-check your references for free. This means that we will check that each reference cited in the text appears in the reference list, and each entry in the reference list is cited in the text. We will also check that the text citation and reference list entry are identical in the spelling of author names and year.

We do not make a systematic check that all your citations are complete, although if something looks wrong we will either check it, or highlight it, depending on time constraints. Similarly, we do not make a systematic check that all your citations are correctly formatted, but we will highlight any that we notice are inconsistent.

Weekend work costs more

While we can be very flexible in scheduling your project, we enjoy our weekends too. Therefore a 50% supplement (0.10 /word) applies when a manuscript is received on Friday (or later) for a Monday deadline.

Minimum charge

For very small texts there is a  minimum charge of €60 to cover administrative overheads.

Turnaround times

How long will it take? It mostly depends on how many words you have. A rough estimate is a full day per 6,000 words, plus the following morning for a final check. More important: don’t leave it until the day before your deadline to contact us. We’re all usually busy, and it’s very unlikely that we will be able to help.  On the other hand, consider booking some time in advance. If your deadline is the end of the month, let us know before, and we’ll save a couple of days for you.

What next?

Talk to us! Send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.