Just need a last look?

You have spent a lot of time writing and re-writing your material until it flows like melted chocolate. However, your thesis also requires a high technical standard of written English. Any experienced author will tell you that after a while you are so familiar with your work that you will miss the simple errors. There are always inconsistencies. For example, is it ‘trouble-shooting’ or ‘troubleshooting’? They are both potentially correct. It doesn’t matter which you choose, but you must use it consistently. You might not notice it, but your thesis committee will.

With fresh eyes,  we can catch your mistakes and make sure your work is presented in the best possible way.

Is English your second language?

For non-native speakers, the challenge is even greater. You have all the problems that native speakers have. Moreover, your style will be influenced by your native language.  I can standardise your syntax and vocabulary, and perfect your punctuation.

How does it work?

Everything is done electronically. You can send us your thesis in .odt, .doc or .docx format. There is an initial read-through to become familiar with your topic and style. At this stages, we may have questions about any particular points that might not be clear, or give you brief, general feedback. Finally, we prepare a quote.

All changes are recorded and comments are inserted directly into the document. We will either receive the chapters one-by-one, as they are completed, or (more likely) the whole document will be sent when it is done. You will be able to see all the comments and suggestions, and you make the final decision on whether to accept them.  If you don’t understand or agree with a change, we are more than happy to talk about it.

What about the references?

A cross-check of references is optional, and priced at 50 per hundred references.