How to write a thesis or disseration – Basic principles

This guide is for anyone in need of advice about writing a thesis or dissertation in social sciences. The content and format are aimed particularly at students at Masters, or post-Masters level. However, PhD students may also find some useful information, as doctoral theses follow a similar format; only the depth of reasoning changes. Young researchers may also find it useful, as most of this advice applies equally to the preparation of an article.

There is a bias towards psychology and towards field work, rather than lab work. This is more the result of a bias in the training of the author than a deliberate choice. As there are more versions, the guide will try to be more tailored to the needs of different groups.

The guide is divided into two parts: first, basic principles are described, followed by an outline of the structure of a dissertation or thesis.

The full guide to writing a dissertation or thesis in the social sciences is also available to download (pdf).

Basic principles

Just common sense

Some writing rules

How to structure your work

How to save time

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