Guarantee or warranty?

GuaranteeIs it a guarantee or a warranty? How do you choose? I recently came across an  interesting little snippet from the useful website, which I’ve paraphrased below:

Guarantee is a general term for a representation regarding a good’s quality and performance. Warranty is the legal term for the document. The person who issues it is the warrantor, and the person who receives it is the warrantee.

Guarantee is from Old French garant, while warranty is from Old North French warantie. Both garant and warantie have their roots in Frankish. Frankish is the West Germanic language spoken in the 400s and 500s in the region of ancient Gaul that later became France.

Top TipHere’s a random tip for free. If you are having trouble spelling guarantee, it might help to remember that it is like separate. To put an ‘e’ in separate is an Error.